If you are the kind of person who loves to go all out for every little celebration, you are in the right place. 

St Patrick’s Day is in a few days - this means, you have the best reason to schedule your drinking time and make merry! All you need is to find a vibrant spot or event with some Irish stout beer and whiskey to get lit!

When it comes to St. Patrick's Day celebrations, Gainesville Irish pubs do not disappoint. So, wear your green clothes and head to these top 5 Irish pubs, perfect to enjoy St Patrick's Day in Gainesville.

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Durty Nelly's Irish Pub
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208 W University Ave, Gainesville FL, 32601
Gainesville is going Green on St Paddy's, and Durty Nelly’s pub surely matches the vibe!
A Gainesville favorite since over 20 years ago, Durty Nelly's is a popular Irish pub. If you are on the hunt for an authentic Irish experience, you should definitely come here. Of course, you are welcomed with Irish beer, whiskey, and traditional Irish food like corned beef and shepherd's pie.
Rowdy Reptile
5.0  5 Rating (1)
1702 W University Ave, Gainesville FL, 32603
Looking for a drink-friendly spot where you can have the rowdiest time during St Paddy in Gainesville? Rowdy Reptile is the answer!
This year, they have lots of fun organized for you! From green beer and a DJ to a live band to soothe your heart with good Irish music all through the night, you don’t want to miss this!
Mother's Pub & Grill
5.0  5 Rating (2)
1017 W University Ave, Gainesville FL, 32601
For a laid-back but classy atmosphere on St Patrick's Day, stop by Mother's Pub and Grill and see what they offer. They will have traditional Irish food in plenty, and your favorites, like corned beef, are included. Additionally, you'll have a wide beer selection to enjoy all through the night.
Gainesville House Of Beer
19 W University Ave, Gainesville FL, 32601
If all you want to do is drink the night away to mark St Paddy's, then go to Gainesville House of beer. It’s not fully Irish, but trust they'll honor St Patrick's Day by decorating it with Irish flags and shamrocks.
As a norm on this day, they offer special Irish beer and cocktails. Additionally, you’ll be served traditional treats such as bangers, mash, and Guinness stew.
The Midnight
4.5  5 Rating (1)
101 SE 2nd Pl # 100, Gainesville FL, 32601
The Midnight is also a popular spot for celebrating St Patrick's Day in Gainesville. When here, you are likely to be welcomed with green cocktails and sip as you listen to Irish songs from a live band. We highly recommend it!