Despite its reputation to outsiders, if you're looking to go out in Gainesville there is so much to do. Whether you want to dance the night away on top of a table somewhere like white buffalo, line dance to a country song that at least one person in your friend group hates at Eight-Seconds, or just drink while trying to beat all your friends in Mortal Kombat at Barcade, Gainesville has something for you. The nightlife in Gainesville is most certainly a fun one, but with so much, you might miss some stuff. That's why we made a list for some places for you to go and check out ASAP!

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White Buffalo
Bar $$
111 S Main St, Gainesville FL, 32601
One of the best places if you love to dance. The music is good for everyone, not just people who love hip-hop. Always a good crowd, and always a lot of fun. The only piece of advice would be, when the LMAO song "shots" comes on, make sure to be close to the bar to snag a free one.
Arcade Bar
Bar $$
6 E University Ave, Gainesville FL, 32601
Probably one of the most unique places in all of Gainesville. You can go and dance on the third floor to surprisingly good music, or just stay downstairs and play Pacman while drinking with friends. Overall one of the most fun places in all of town.
Grog House
5.0  5 Rating (2)
1718 W University Ave, Gainesville FL, 32603
This place is in the hearts of many at UF, it is one of the few places to go out if you're under 21. As a result everyone has been here at one point and it is always packed. To put it simply, Grog is an experience.
The Midnight
4.5  5 Rating (1)
101 SE 2nd Pl # 100, Gainesville FL, 32601
Honestly, this is just a chill bar to hangout in with fair prices. Whether you're here to watch the weekly open mic's or just hang out with some friends, you're probably going to have a few stories to tell after going here.
Fat Daddy's
1702 W University Ave, Gainesville FL, 32603
It's just Fats, enough said. It's the picture used in this article, and words cannot do this place justice. Go here and you'll see what I mean.
The Bank Bar and Lounge
22 W University Ave, Gainesville FL, 32601
If you're wondering about the name, this place used to be a bank about 100 years ago. Or so I'm told, truth is I never did find out if that was truth or urban legend, but what I do know is the music is some of the best in Gainesville's nightlife. The bartenders are nice, Latin nights are fun, and it is just a good time.
Gainesville House Of Beer
19 W University Ave, Gainesville FL, 32601
Many say this is overall the best bar in Gainesville and it's not hard to see why. There is plenty of good selection of alcohol at a really fair price. They have over 40 different taps with some of the best craft beers and bartenders who know what they're talking about. I don't even like beer and this place is fun.