Micanopy is a small town in North Central Florida that's a quaint, historic dream of a place to see! With only 605 residents, it's Florida's oldest inland town and located between Ocala and Gainesville.

Never heard of this town? That's how Micanopy got its nickname "The town that time forgot." Established in the 1500s, Micanopy was originally named Timucua Indian Village. Since then, its name has changed, and the town has a rich, vibrant history that's been well-preserved as the Micanopy's been carefully maintained throughout the years.

Interestingly enough, Micanopy was included in a land grant by the King of Spain. In 1835, the Second Seminole War imposed its way to the small town, causing the residents to leave theirs homes, ultimately leaving remnants of buildings.

This war did not stop the town of Micanopy, though. Its citizens loved their home and rebuilt it from the ground-up, making it an agricultural center. Today. there are a few houses and buildings that did not fall during the war, standing tribute to what happened so many years ago.

Micanopy hasn't been completely forgotten and has made a couple of appearances in pop culture. It was a filming location for Doc Hollywood, a comedy show in 1991, and Micanopy was also mentioned in Tom Petty's song, "A Mind with A Heart of It's Own."

You'll definitely want to make Micanopy your next daytime adventure. It's filled with restaurants, antique stores, and, of course, historical sites filled with information about this little, perservering town. If you were to visit during the autumn, you'll be just in time for their annual Art Festival. which brings in more people than their population! However, there are plenty of other things to do in Micanopy year-round. 

Herlong Mansion Bed and Breakfast

If you plan to visit Micanopy, make a mini-vacation out of it and book your stay at the Herlong Mansion Bed and Breakfast! This historic inn will provide you with all the old-fashioned feels of the town! The beautiful mansion has wonderful rooms with WIFI included along with breakfast! Rooms rates range from $79 to $179 depending on which room you choose.

Micanopy Historical Society Museum

A fun place you can go for free during the day is the Micanopy Historical Society Museum. There is so much to see and learn with interactive tools so you can experience how they used things back in the day as well as see historical artifacts. The museum is wonderful for both adults and children and leaves you knowing all the history of this tiny town. The Native American history of Micanopy, in particular, is a fan-favorite exhibit of this museum. When you are finished looking around, take a look in their cute, little gift shop!

Harry Beckwith Gun Dealer and Indoor Pistol Range

Do something different on your vacation and head over to Micanopy's gun range! Here you will have a blast getting trained in firearms and firearm safety. Expect to be there for one to two hours, and they are open between 10:00 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. You can use their guns at the range or bring your own. With ten indoor lanes indoors, your whole group can enjoy target practice.

Jeff Ripple: Ripple Effect Studio and Gallery

A very unique art gallery in Micanopy, the Ripple Effect is actually the home of local artist Jeff Ripple. The gallery is full of unusual items, glass art, and photography, and prices are reasonable for fine art. Art lovers will definitely want to make a stop here!

Make a day trip out of exploring the lovely, quaint town of Micanopy and learning all of its history. Let us know when you go and tell us in the comments what your favorite thing about it was!

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Cover photo courtesy of Pixabay