Do you put yourself last while making sure everyone’s needs are met before yours?  Do you feel the sun on your face, the gentle breeze and think, “Oh, how I’d love to get away, just for a little while?  It’s not going to happen unless you make yourself a priority.  A good game of golf here or there is wonderful for the soul, especially when you win!  But while playing does your mind wander to your To Do List?  Have you truly escaped? Well, it is time to spend a little ‘me time’, time to step away from your weekly routine to refresh, relax, and reconnect while improving your golf game! It’s time for you to take a luxury break and get away to a holistic Golf Retreat to live, learn and explore Florida’s hidden golf treasure, Black Diamond, while spending time with renowned golf coach Barb “Moxie” Moxness as she personally helps you with your game.

How to Energize Your Life with a Holistic 7 R’s Women’s Golf Retreat

The exclusive 7 R's Retreats are open to groups of 4, 6 or 8 guests May 17-19.   Ideally suited for individuals, co-workers, groups of friends or couples, The 'Moxie Experience' was designed with you in mind.  Unlike other retreats you might have attended the  7 R’s Women’s Golf Retreat takes a holistic approach to you and your game by taking into account everything holding you back from reaching your goals in life and in golf.


"My goal is to help women find enjoyment and fulfillment in their golfing experience. To educate, empower and encourage women in not only their game but in life too."

Joined by poet, writer and spiritual director Janie Seltzer these retreats are designed to help you tap into your God given natural ability, ease concerns, gain control, build confidence and find freedom to enjoy not only your game, but to eliminate the minutia that weakens us, skews our perspective, and zaps our energy.

Rest, Refresh, Renew with this Exclusive / Limited Holistic Golf Retreat

Voted a 'Top Teacher' by Golf Digest, Barbara is known as the “Golf Whisperer”.  Her passion for life and the game will spill over into yours as she guides you through the 'Moxie Golf Process'.  Barbara is 7th on The Career Money List for The Legends Tour and finished in the Top 10 in every LPGA Majors tournament she played.  With over 35 years of experience playing the game and teaching Barbara also authored Golf From the Inside Out and Managing and Curing the YIPS Permanently. You do not want to miss this experience!

This unique Holistic Golf Retreat includes:

  • 2 Nights at World Class Black Diamond Ranch, voted the #1 Golf Community 
  • 2 Days of Personalized Instruction and 9 holes of golf with Barb
  • 2 Breakfasts
  • 2 Lunches
  • 2 Dinners
  • Inspirational programs
  • A private session with Janie Seltzer
  • The Closing Reception

Barb and Janie are limiting these retreats to 12 guests so do not hesitate, register today.  Cost is $1250, with options for an additional night at Black Diamond Ranch and an invaluable third day of 18 holes on the visually breathtaking 'Quarry Course' with Barb’s expertise in play for $325.

What better time to take a luxury break and relax with a few rounds of golf as you discover the possibilities!  Learn how to control your clubs, the course and more. Reserve your spot today, you deserve it! 

Not sure?  Read these testimonials:

Paul Batz:
Barb is the ultimate “Golf Whisperer” because she knows how to embrace the emotional side of golfing, and accelerate performance by appealing to the intellectual side as well.  She’s a gift to the world’s greatest game.

Barb is inspiring, because she learned to play her very best golf at a world class level later in life.  While others are losing their edge, Barb found hers—and she is masterful at teaching those secrets to others.

Barb plays an artful, skillful game of golf that most human beings can relate to: she does not bomb 320 yard drives or hit 165 yard sand wedges.  Instead: she hits fairways and greens and makes putts that have her routinely scoring under par.  That’s what mere mortals want to do.  Barb can show anyone how to do that!

Barb’s suggestions mean something: she has made the important putts under pressure to win.  She’s succeeded—and failed—at hitting the high pressure shot over water in the final round.  And she’s battled through the dip of self-doubt and discouragement to grow into a lovely, patient and very inspiring teacher.

The best part about working with Barb is she will become your friend.

Paul Batz
Inspirational Leadership Coach
Founder & President, Good Leadership Enterprises

AJ Bonar:
I have been teaching golf for 47 years, and Barb Moxness is the BEST combination of athletic talent and intellectual ability I have EVER worked with.  She understands how we all learn motor skills and the supportive intellectual processes that enhance, not hinder, that process.  
She understands how beginners have to proceed so that they find early success and become real low handicappers.

Her experience as a successful, professional player allows her to move low handicap players to even lower scores, consistently.

On top of all this talent is a heart that actually cares about her students.

AJ Bonar
AJ Golf School
Morgan Run Golf and Country Club
Rancho Sante Fe, California