Although Gainesville is smaller in comparison to other booming Florida cities, it's vastly spread out in terms of getting from one bustling area to the other.

When I first moved to Gainesville, my housing situation was different than most young professionals who move here to start their careers. I was starting college at the University of Florida, which meant that my housing priorities meant living not only within walking distance to campus but also to the bars and, more importantly, paying as little as possible.

Now being a year post-grad, my housing priorities have drastically changed. No matter you're looking for when moving to Gainesville, the city's more sought-after neighborhoods are likely to suit your lifestyle and budget.

It's important to note that I-75 goes straight through Archer Road, Newberry Road, and 39th Avenue, so if you find yourself on or around either of these areas, you'll be able to get to any other part of Gainesville with just a hop and a skip on the interstate.

Gainesville Neighborhoods

Archer Road

Near Shands Hospital and the University of Florida, Archer Road is one of the top areas in Gainesville constantly bringing in young professionals. It's a perfect location if you want to be near campus but also far enough away that you live in a quiet neighborhood. Archer Road also has plenty of restaurants and shopping, too, and right on Archer Road, the development Celebration Pointe is being constructed. This new development will offer new shops, restaurants, a movie theatre, and countless other activities. Here are some neighborhoods to look at when searching for the perfect home that is a seven to 10-minute drive from Shands and the University of Florida near Archer Road.

  • Longleaf Village
  • Mentone
  • Hickory Forest
  • Garrison Way

University Avenue

If being closer to campus and the bar scene is more up your alley, homes are a little harder to come by. More often than not, college students have rented homes in this area for years due to the location, so finding a decent home at a good price takes more investigating. If you don't mind townhomes or apartment-style living, there are some good options that keep you close to the hustle and bustle of game days and tailgates.

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Newberry Road

Like Archer Road, Newberry Road is also a prime real estate location in Gainesville. The Oaks Mall, restaurants, Gainesville Health & Fitness, and countless other businesses all operate within a close proximity or on Newberry Road. Not to mention, Newberry Road leads right into University Avenue, which is a straight shot to the University of Florida campus. Another perk of living on either Newberry Road or Archer Road is your close proximity to Haile Plantation and Tioga Town Center, where you'll find a handful of restaurants, a daycare center, a Gainesville Health & Fitness gym, and a bar. Much like Tioga, Haile Plantation has similar offerings but is also a lot larger than Tioga, meaning that the houses range from all price points. Here are some neighborhoods near Newberry Road that will put you right in the center of things:

  • Town of Tioga
  • Broadmoor
  • Oakmont
  • South Pointe
  • Fletcher’s Mill
  • Haile Plantation                                                                                                         

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39th Avenue

If living in close proximity to the Gainesville Regional Airport and a little further from the city center of Gainesville is where you're after, just off of 39th Avenue is a great place to start house hunting. 39th Avenue, much like Archer Road and Newberry Road, has a lot to offer in terms of restaurants and things to do like Devils Millhopper Geological State Park. Unless you plan on working in the area, 39th is far from where you may find yourself flocking to in Gainesville. Although the area of 39th Avenue has its benefits, you may find yourself getting frustrated being further away from the city center. A major perk to living on 39th is the close proximity to Santa Fe College , which also includes the Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo .

  • Sable Chase
  • Breckenridge
  • Greystone
  • Meadowbrook

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Wherever life takes you in North Central Florida, the majority of greater Gainesville has a lot to offer in terms of housing location to schools, restaurants, theaters, outdoor sports, parks, and shopping. 

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