Gainesville is a city known for many things, and it's unique music scene is one of them. Tom Petty is from Gainesville, after all. Along with its connections to the famous singer-songwriter, the city has a lot of country and folk music fans. The University of Florida's music students often have shows throughout the year at bars like the High Dive, an an outdoor bar in the middle of the city that attracts food trucks and vendors as well as music lovers. More notable artists often visit Gainesville at the Heartwood Soundstage, a field in the middle of Gainesville that hosts concerts and fairs of all kinds. Once again, Gainesville is hosting outdoor concerts of singers, songwriters, and musicians alike in spring 2018.

Bob McPeek and Friends

The longtime recording engineer, producer, musician, and songwriter Bob McPeek will finally be performing some of his original songs for the first time on March 23 at the Heartwood Soundstage in Gainesville. Bob McPeek has worked for years with well-known musicians by writing songs for them and producing their music, but he hasn't invited people to watch him perform any of his songs until now. He's invited friends and colleagues of his to perform alongside him including singer and songwriter Cathy DeWitt and multi-instrumentalist Janet Rucker. McPeek will also include songs by his band the Erasables and bring out Fagan Arouh, David Ottenberg, Rob Rothschild, and Brad Bangstad to play alongside him. Tickets will be available for $12 each up until the show on March 23 at 8:00 p.m.

Mindwalk Live At Heartwood!

Mindwalk is a word-class contemporary music ensemble made up of five musicians that represent diversity that is rarely seen in the music industry. They play music from many different genres including smooth jazz, bebop, rock, funk, hip-hop, and latin. Their live performances are visually appealing and represent their journey through the music industry. They have opened for many famous musicians like BB King, Sister Hazel, and The Roots. Mindwalk has been recognized by 50 different radio stations around the country that play their music for listeners to enjoy. They will be playing at the Heartwood Soundstage in Gainesville on Saturday, March 31 at 8:00 p.m. Tickets for this outdoor concert are starting at $15 and will be available up until the show.

Wild Blue Yonder

Wild Blue Yonder is a rock band that formed in 2015 with the intent of bringing classic rock songs with a country flair to their fans. The band is made up of four members: Allen Lowe, Jim Sims, Jimmy Millsaps, and Frank Varosi. Lowe, Sims, and Millsaps were formerly part of the band Dixie Desperados that toured the Southeastern US roadhouse circuit. Lowe and Sims created the Wild Blue Yonder rock band as singers and guitarists then later added Millsaps on the drums and Varosi on the bass to round out their sound. Their most recent CD is called A-1-A The Southern Way and was released in late 2017 with 10 original songs that they will be playing at their show in Gainesville. The outdoor concert is at the Heartwood Soundstage on March 30, and tickets start at $15.

Wicked Awesome Spring Tour at HIGH DIVE

Fortunate Youth, a reggae band from SoCal, is to play the High Dive, an outdoor bar that is sure to provide a great night out in Gainesville on April 3rd. Fortunate Youth will be playing songs from their self-titled album that they released in February of last year. The concert will be low-key and relaxed with food trucks and vendors set up outside the High Dive. VIP packages are available that offer guests a early entrance, an exclusive lapel pin, a signed setlist, a swag bag, and a meet-and-greet with the band itself. Regular tickets are now on sale for $15, and VIP tickets start at $50.

Gatorbone Band at Heartwood

The Gatorbone Band is a unique collection of talented musicians who Gainesville fans have been waiting to welcome back since they stole the show at the Mirror Image 40th Anniversary Concert last June. Lis Williamson plays guitar and banjo in perfect rhythm to her fine-tuned voice. She sings along to songs she or her husband, Lon, has expertly written. Lon can also sing and play the bass with the best of them. Gabe Valla joins the Williamsons on stage each night with his flat-picking guitar and mandolin playing skills. He also has a sweet and tender voice that he uses to sing along with bandmates Lis and Lon. The fourth and last member of the band is being added to the band exclusively for this show, and his name is Jason Thomas, a fiddler extraordinaire. Gatorbone will be playing their show on Saturday, April 14 at the Heartwood Soundstage in Gainesville, and tickets start at $20.

Kelly & Ellis

Kelly & Ellis are playing their debut at the Heartwood Soundstage in Gainesville on May 4. Their debut album called The Long Road to You surprised people with their spot-on harmony and masterful guitar playing because it's so rare to find on a debut album. The album was written by both Kelly and Ellis because of their troubled pasts. The album features classic rock, celtic, R&B, pop, Broadway, and country music. This couple will bring you through the years of their relationship as you listen to their album at their show in May. Tickets are on sale now for $15 and $20 the day of this outdoor concert.

Amanda Anne Platt & The Honeycutters

Amanda Anne Platt and the Honeycutters will bring old-school country to Gainesville this May at the Heartwood Soundstage. The band consists of Platt (the lead singer), Matt Smith on the pedal steel and stratocaster, Evan Martin on the keys and telecaster, Josh Milligan on the drums and harmony vocals, and Rick Cooper on the bass. Their music is a blend of rock and folk with each song having sing-along lyrics and a beat perfect for dancing. Amanda Anne Platt is also a songwriter known for her emotional, storytelling lyrics and signature soulful voice. This outdoor concert will be on May 11 at 8:00 p.m., and tickets start at $20.

Come to the High Dive or the Heartwood Soundstage and enjoy an array of musical talents at these outdoor concerts in Gainesville spring 2018.

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