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Justina Reviews on Fish Camp Lake Eustis 1 year ago

Fish Camp Lake Eustis

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My family and I tend to go here quite often we will no longer be attending this establishment as we have no respect for the guy who owns it or his wife. Last night a waitress proceeded to refill my water and instead of asking for my glass of water to refill or going at the end of the table she proceeded to my husband side of the table to where he was practically sitting in my lap because she leaned over closer and closer rubbing her chest against his arm. Mind you she had plenty of room at the end of the table to ask for the glass of water. My husband then proceeded to talk to the manager because he felt disrespected and he felt it was very disrespectful towards me, All he said was she is happily married, my husband was absolutely annoyed at this point what would her being happily married have to do with what she has done. Why are you not pulling your waitress to the side and telling her that her behavior was unacceptable. He then goes and tells the owner's wife what happened and she says what do you want me to do about it? Are you kidding me we are paying customers let alone there are 12 of us. The owners husband comes back and calls my husband by name and tells him to sit down an

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