Is your sweet-tooth panging for a bite of a sugary treat? In North Central Florida, delicious treats seem to line the streets from neighborhood to neighborhood. When you or your taste buds are looking for a little bit of a pick me up, finding the best desserts in North Central Florida should be easy. Below lists 10 places to get your scrumptious sweets fix!

Karma Cream

At Karma Cream, being environmentally and socially conscious and making delectable treats is the mission. This place is vegetarian and vegan-friendly with their ice cream, sandwiches, and bakery! Made with all-organic ingredients, this café makes sure they are serving their treats that not only make you happy but also the animals and planets!

Donut Connection

In Gainesville, Donut Connection is dependable for delicious donuts and a great cup of coffee. Flavored coffees, cappuccinos, or frozen granitas all go great with their doughy creations, and Donut Connection also has baked goods such as cookies, brownies, apple fritters, and more!

Cupcake Heaven

In Spring Hill, Cupcake Heaven is everything that descended to Earth from above the clouds. Cupcakes are made in small batches and from scratch. Some flavors are found daily yet this cupcakery is always trying something new to make their selection even larger. Make sure to check out something new and different while they have it available. 

The Gelato Company

In Downtown Gainesville, The Gelato Company gives a variety of sweet bites for the area! Gelato isn’t the only thing that this café serves; alongside lunch and dinner items, they offer dessert crepes with flavors such as s’mores, berries and cheese, and more. But if you’re looking for gelato, this is the perfect place to find a variety of creamy flavors that change each day.

The Ice Cream DR

Just what the Sugar Doctor prescribed, The Ice Cream Dr is an Inverness favorite with creative flavors and has large portions of ice cream. If you’re needing 100 cc’s of cold creamy deliciousness and STAT, make an appointment to go to The Ice Cream Dr. 

Bruster's Real Ice Cream

In Ocala, Bruster’s Real Ice Cream is a staple in finding everything creamy and fresh. Each treat is made in-house, whether it is ice cream, froyo, sherbet, Italian ice, or sorbet. A trip to Bruster’s is one every member of the family young and old loves for dessert!

Little Italy Deli & Bakery

Little Italy Deli & Bakery is an authentic Italian Deli which serves meals fit for any person looking for a hearty Italian meal, as well as Italian desserts and pastries meant to sweeten the end of the meal. Italian cookies and many pastries such as cannoli and sfogliatelle, which is a puffed-pastry that is filled with cream, are available daily.

Lynns Homemade Ice Cream & Belgian Waffles

At Lynn's Homemade Ice Cream & Belgian Waffles, choose Belgium waffles, Liege waffles, or crepes to be the base of your dessert masterpiece. Or choose one of their homemade ice cream flavors to place over the hot base of your choice and add fruits, sweet sauces, and other toppings as you’d like.

Dolce Vita Bakery Cafe

Go to Dolce Vita Bakery Café for dessert of all types whether you’re looking for bear claws, eclairs, or cronuts (croissant-donut hybrid). The treats at Dolce Vita range from chocolate cakes to desserts made with fresh fruit, and whatever you may choose it’ll definitely hit the sweet spot!

Betty Cakes Bakery & Cafe

In Ocala, Betty Cakes makes cakes, pies, lemon bars, brownies, and more! Pop into the bakery and grab lunch and grab a small (or large, if you’re feeling ambitious) dessert for yourself! For instance, try the cake truffles!

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Photo courtesy of The Gelato Company on Facebook.