Gainesville is a large college town with not shortage of great restaurants, especially near the University of Florida in the city's downtown. Strolling down the tree-lined streets, you'll easily find a diverse dining scene with various cuisines, styles, and atmospheres. On one street, you'll see a Southern barbecue restaurant, then around the corner is a hip ramen noodle place. You'll also find others like pizza, Mexican, and cafe-style restaurants scattered around the area. Stumbling upon a new restaurant can be fun, but you can also find hidden gems on our list of the best restaurants in Downtown Gainesville.
A part of the growing Mojo BBQ family, Hogtown Bar-B-Que serves up homestyle dishes in a casual fine dining atmosphere with rustic decor. Their menu has all of your favorite barbeque entrees like pulled pork and ribs as well as Southern classics like shrimp and grits and fried catfish. Hogtown is also known for their endless whiskey collection, and you don't have to be a college student to enjoy it. Not a big whiskey drinker? Their whiskey cocktails are so delicious you won't even notice it!
One of the best pizzerias in Gainesville, V Pizza uses fresh, authentic ingredients, and you can taste the difference between their pies and everyone else's. They also have amazing oven-roasted chicken wings and creative cocktails to go along with your pizza. Everyone likes pizza, especially quality Italian pizza, so V Pizza is the perfect place for your next date night!
East End Eatery is a quaint, little restaurant with a homey feel, making it ideal for casual lunches. tt's location in the Duck Pond District of Downtown Gainesville also adds to its endearing charm. The eatery has a brunch and lunch menu but serves breakfast all day (yay!) with plenty of vegan and vegetarian options if bacon and eggs aren't your thing. Overall, the East End Eatery provides a pleasant dining experience for everyone.

The Top


The Top embodies the spirit of Downtown Gainesville with its quirky hipster art displayed around the restaurant defines the restaurant. They have a large menu with pastas, salads, and sandwiches, but their burgers are especially popular as you can create numerous creations from the long list of toppings. The Top is also known for its great variety vegan and vegetarian options. For instance, every burger patty can be changed to a black bean or a falafel patty, and many other menu items can also be changed to suit vegan and vegetarian diets. Other than lunch and dinner, you can also go for brunch on Sundays- it's another excuse to visit The Top!

Boca Fiesta puts a twist on classic Mexican food as they serve more "street-style" fare than any other Mexican restaurant in Gainesville. You'll find different but tasty meals like tuna tacos with corn on the cob as well as veggie entrees for those with certain diets. They also have some of the best margaritas in town, so you'll definitely want to try them while you're at Boca Fiesta.
Crane Ramen is a unique Asian restaurant that serves authentic ramen noodle dishes- nothing out of a box! There are bowls for every taste from savory Market Vegetable to super-hot Spicy Pork and everything in between. They even have a cold ramen noodle bowl! With its specialty menu and bright, urban design, there’s not another place like Crane Ramen in Gainesville.  
From barbecue to ramen, you’ll find anything you’re looking for at the best restaurants in Downtown Gainesville. To find more restaurants in Gainesville, register on 352area and connect to everything in Gainesville and greater North Central Florida.
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