Game days in Gainesville are nothing short of fun and exciting regardless of a win or a loss for the University of Florida Gators. Finding food on these crazy days can be a challenge, especially if you plan eating near the Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. Gator fans always say, “If you're not a Gator, you're Gator bait!” So in order to avoid being Gator bait, check out some of these hot restaurants near Ben Hill Griffin Stadium for perfect game day grub.

The Spot

Located directly across the street from the Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, the Spot is a great place to grab lunch. They serve delicious, affordable food that you'll keep coming back for more like mozzarella sticks, wings, quesadillas, and burgers, all the handheld foods you'd expect on game day.

The Social at Midtown

Although a little further of a walk, the Social at Midtown is the perfect place to post up on game day. Their rooftop bar provides the ideal place to watch the game as well as the hustle and bustle on University Avenue. Not only does Social have some of the best food around, but they usually have good drink specials, too. If you plan to make Social your game day destination, make sure to arrive early because tables fill up fast in this huge place!

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The Swamp Restaurant

Originally built in 1914, the Swamp Restaurant started out as a professor’s home. After a fire caused the house to burn down, it was reconstructed and opened as a restaurant in 1994. The Swamp Restaurant is one of the top go-to places to eat on game day. You can't escape the Gator atmosphere when visiting the Swamp Restaurant on a game day as many of the people there are alumni, University of Florida students, and their families. From their Gator Club Sandwich to their Cajun Gatortail, the Swamp has everything for game day-goers.

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The streak of restaurants starting with an "S" has come to an end with Flaco's Midtown. Although Flaco's doesn't have the traditional bar-style food you might expect to eat on game day, they offers Cuban handhelds like arepas, empanadas, and tacos that are beyond delicious and cheap. Flaco's is so popular that they have two locations, one in MIdtown and the other just a couple of minutes down the street.

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With these winning restaurants near Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, you can't lose on game day!

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