Made primarily with Vodka and tomato juice (and garnished with a stick of celery), Bloody Marys are a staple drink for brunch. It's the perfect cocktail whether you need a hangover cure or a mid-morning pick-me-up. Don't go just anywhere for this special cocktail, however. Check out our list of the best spots to get a Bloody Mary in Gainesville
With a variety of craft cocktails, self-pour beers, and whiskies, Original American Kitchen is already famous for delicious brunch brews. The place also serves, you guessed it right, Oak Bloody Mary as their brunch cocktails.
It's made with Stolichnaya vodka, olive juice, fresh lime/lemon, pepper, hot sauce, and the chilli-lime salt rim for the perfect kick. You can pair the lip-smacking drink with their diverse brunch menu of egg benedicts, tacos, waffles, salads, and more.
You better be hungry when you come to The Swamp Restaurant because their Bloody Marys are "loaded," as the locals say. The classic cocktail has a decent amount of spice, but its garnishes are what make this Bloody Mary worthwhile.
In addition to celery, it also has a pickle, lemon, green olives, and an entire chicken wing! Their Bloody Mary is a two-for-one in itself as a drink and an appetizer. So, you can relish a filling breakfast overall. 
Usually, a destination for the best fish in town, Northwest Grille's Bloody Marys are what reel people in on Sundays. Their Bloody Mary bar spread has a variety of drinks with classic ingredients as well as a plethora of different hot sauces.
This seafood restaurant also adds a fun twist to the cocktail as you can garnish your drink with a crab leg! How cool is that?
Flying Biscuit Cafe is known for their delicious Southern food and all-day breakfast selections. You can gorge on their delicacies while sipping on cocktails like Bloody Mary on the side. 
The flavorful and hearty Bloody Mary makes a great drink to sip on for that stubborn hangover. In fact, you might catch off guard as to how spicy, salty, and savory the cocktails taste. Try it out and you won't regret it! 
Boca Fiesta offers a full Bloody Mary bar during Sunday brunch with all the fixings and garnishes you can ask for. In true Mexican food spirit, their bar also has quite a few peppers and sauces to get your cocktail hot and spicy!
Besides the food/drinks, the ambience and the service of the place are absolutely top-notch. Tailor your Bloody Mary to your liking and enjoy a Mexican brunch at Boca Fiesta. You wouldn't regret it. 
No matter what style of brunch you're after, these restaurants have you covered with the best Bloody Marys in Gainesville. A great day starts with an equally delicious Bloody Mary, after all!
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Cover photo from Unsplash