Need a little extra help in school?  Here's where to find the best tutoring in Gainesville near the University of Florida. Let's face it; college is a huge jump from high school in every way. Whether it's finding your way around a campus with 50,000 other kids or doing your laundry, college can be a daunting place for new students. Finding good tutors in Gainesville is critical to your success.

Besides freedom, you encounter a whole new set of responsibilities which includes studying…yes; you have to study in college. But no need to worry, we can help by cluing you in about where to find the best tutoring in Gainesville, tutoring services in Gainesville who help University of Florida students keep up in the classroom.

Study Edge

Probably the most well-known tutoring service in Gainesville is Study Edge. The Edge offers three tiers of service at $25, $50, and $75 a month with each level containing its own set of features and rewards. 

Study Edge covers most core classes across the bigger majors. With membership, you receive access to live exam reviews which includes a review packet. 

Depending on which level you choose, you gain access to smaller study hours, chapter reviews, and tokens used for watching online videos. Check out the Study Edge website for more info on classes/pricing and remember the golden rule in school, study smarter, not harder.  

Smokin’ Notes

A sister company of Study Edge, Smokin’ Notes offers students exam review packets without the cost of membership. Six days before major exams Smokin’ Notes sends an email letting you know packs are available for purchase. The packets cost around $25 and include a complete chapter by chapter summary, practice problems by chapter, a practice exam based on previous tests, and important term flash cards needed for the test.

With a Study Edge membership, most of the live reviews give you a Smokin’ Notes packet free of charge. You also gain access to online resources such as additional exams and supplemental information that could be on the exam.      

University of Florida Teaching Center     

If you are already paying tuition at UF why not get the most for your money with FREE tutoring in Gainesville. The UF teaching center offers FREE tutoring services in Gainesville for all UF students. Covering a majority of the larger core classes; the Teaching Center provides helpful options so don't miss this FREE service!  

Drop-in tutoring at the University of Florida is available to students with a few quick questions or who need a place to study with access to tutors. 

Appointment tutoring gives UF students who need more, a full 50 minutes of one on one help as well as weekly meetings throughout the semester.

A popular tutoring service in Gainesville, they also offer study groups led by a certified tutor allowing students to network with other students on a particular subject and can provide test reviews and online videos to students in need of a little extra help before an exam. 

Head over to the UF Teaching Center page for more on these services and click the Website button to navigate to their site.             


In today’s world, every college kid lives on their phone. So why not bring tutoring into the digital age? Knack is a state of the art tutoring service in Gainesville based around a smartphone app. 

Simply download the app, then sign up, to instantly connect to a number of tutors covering multiple subjects. Select your school and filter your search by subject populating a list of instructors with descriptions of their specialties, hourly rate, and locations for a meetup. 

Best part, you can pay through the app by adding a debit or credit card. If you’re a wiz in a particular subject, you too can become a Knack tutor and get paid as you help other students!  

Varsity Tutors

Varsity Tutors supplies instructors in all the key cities and college towns across America. With tutors from universities like Harvard, Princeton, Yale, and Stanford it’s a pretty safe bet you’re going to get real help. 

Type in 'Gainesville' and you are taken to a list of highly certified tutors in Gainesville. Varsity Tutor services are flexible and render one on one appointments. They also offer standardized testing assistance for those looking to continue their education.

One of the most difficult things for any college student and people, in general, is to admit you need help. Don't let pride get in the way of your bright future! Use this best tutoring in Gainesville list to locate the perfect tutoring services in the Gainesville for you and your needs. If you know of a service we've overlooked, please comment below, as they say, you never stop learning!