Spring is in full swing in Florida, and we all know what that means. The mild season of cooler weather is about to bid us goodbye in favor of some sweltering heat. The good news is that we can always cool off in the pool, and Gainesville has a great selection of swimming lessons for those who are eager to start treading water.

Gator Swim Club

The Gator Swim Club is a competitive swim team that caters to young people of all ages. Whether you want to participate in competitions or simply brush up on your backstroke, the Gator Swim Club in Gainesville is the place to go. You can get lessons for your child or have them join rigorous swim meets for intense training. With specialized groups focusing on your child’s swimming level as well as their age, they will be able to learn their way around the water. There’s even a Masters class for people 18 and over, so no matter what your skill level, there is room for you in the pool!

AquaMobile Home Swim Lessons

Perhaps you want swim lessons, but just don’t have the time or resources to go to places and meet with instructors three times a week. Fortunately for you, there is a solution. Aquamobile is a swimming lesson/lifeguarding service that can come right to your door for a low price. Starting at $48 for infants and toddlers and $65 for children to adults, swimming lessons are no longer difficult to access for those who cannot make it out or feel self-conscious about getting in the water. Practice in your own environment with a certified instructor who understands and meets your needs. Why wait any longer? With Aquamobile, learning how to swim has never been more within your reach.

North Central Florida YMCA

The North Central Florida YMCA is the perfect place for adults and children to learn or improve swimming skills. With a spacious 25-m pool, you will have more than enough room to kick off a great time. Dedicated to safety, each member who is under 18 must complete a swimming assessment before being assigned a wristband and using the pool. Swim lessons are $60 per person for members and $90 for non-members. Come and make a splash at the North Central Florida YMCA!

Infant Swimming Resource

The Infant Swimming Resource is the perfect way to get your little one used to the water and teach your child swimming safety from the start. Teaching children from six months to six years old, instructors will develop a customized program for your child usually running for 10 minutes a day for about six weeks. These lessons will help your child navigate the waters safely, so get a head start on your child’s safety with Infant Swimming Resource.

Blue Lagoon Aquatic Center

If you’re looking for an all-around fun place for swimming lessons for yourself or your little one, Blue Lagoon Aquatic Center is just the place for you. They offer private swim classes, parent and child aquatic classes, water aerobics, scuba diving, and swimming lessons for juveniles and adults, and classes and camps to fit every proficiency. Blue Lagoon Aquatic Center also has movie and game nights for those who need to keep the kids busy, and they even do birthday parties as well.

If the water is calling your family this summer, make sure the kids know how to swim by signing them up for these swimming lessons in Gainesville.

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Cover photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons